Lotus is proving to be a major player in the hybrid and electric vehicle segments, having been the provider of the rolling chassis for the Tesla Roadster and also the supplier of engineering expertise for a number of production and concept hybrid vehicles launched by automakers around the globe.

The British sports car company is actually at the forefront in hybrid and electric vehicle technology, having already shown off its own advanced Evora 414E range-extended electric vehicle concept, and now following it up with two additional vehicles.

Set to debut next month at the 2010 Paris Auto Show will be two new Lotus hybrid concepts; a four-door hatchback and a new coupe.

Both concepts will feature the latest iteration of the modular range-extending drivetrain showcased in the previous Evora 414E concept. The system relies on a compact three-cylinder engine, also developed by Lotus, to charge up lithium polymer batteries that then power an electric motor (or two) that drives the wheels. The drivetrain is similar to the one featuring in the upcoming Chevrolet Volt and could even be used by Jaguar for a ‘green’ version of its XJ flagship sedan.

In addition to the two hybrid concepts, Lotus will also unveil a new concept version of the successor to the legendary Esprit supercar, a modern-day version of the Seven track car, supercharged and automatic versions of the Evora and, finally, the million-dollar Exos Type 125 customer race car.

The 2010 Paris Auto Show kicks off on September 29.