Why produce plug-in EREVs such as the Chevy Volt when you believe that full electric vehicles are the wave of the future?  This is a question that GM will have to tackle as even the company admits that battery only vehicles will dominate sales in the future.

GM North America President Mark Reuss believes that battery electric vehicles will likely see higher demand in the near future than extended range plug-ins like the Chevy Volt.  During a web chat, Reuss stated that EREVs may be popular initially, but electric only vehicles will become a bigger player in sales latter on.

Though the Volt is leading the way for EREVs, the complex powertrain, costly engineering, and limited electric range may lead to its demise as full electric vehicles take over.  EVs offer a less complicated powertrain, less maintenance, and a lower build cost compared to EREVs.

As Reuss noted, small EVs could become high volume vehicles for automakers within a few years.  With advancements in technology, compact EVs are viable for automakers and will become affordable for consumers.

Source:  Detroit Free Press March 14th