I can see the long line forming already to be 1 of the 700 lucky individuals selected to lease BMWs latest electric vehicle.  They came in droves trying to get a chance at the Mini E and the same thing is sure to happen again.  How do tens of thousands of people get narrowed down and selected for just 700 vehicles?BMW officially announced that the ActiveE 1 Series based electric prototype will be available to only 700 select individuals in major cities.  The ActiveE will become the company's second test fleet electric vehicle behind the highly successful Mini E.  This time there are 700 vehicles to go around versus only 450 Mini Es, but their will certainly be more people lined up than BMW has cars available for.

There is a catch though.  The company has said that only 200 units will be destined for the U.S.  The other 500 will see use in large European cities such as London, Paris, and Berlin.  The U.S. test fleet will roll out some time next year.

As of now, BMW has not released any information on how you can get in line for this exclusive electric prototype.  Getting one likely takes a little bit of luck, a few connections, and the ability to pay a substantial lease rate.

Get in line as soon as possible as 200 vehicles will disappear in the blink of an eye.

Source:  Automotive News (login required)