Electric vehicles are coming and they will come in all shapes and sizes.  From vehicles with the traditional 4 wheel setup, down to trikes, and even two wheel vehicles, there will truly be an EV for everyone soon.  How many EVs can we expect?A recent study in the two wheel category predicts that we will see 466 million electric powered two wheelers by 2016.  The numbers seem a little optimistic, but anything can happen.  There are already several manufacturers with two wheel vehicles powered solely by electricity in production.  Some are even conveniently sold at your local Best Buy.

The numbers listed above come from a study conducted by Colorado based Pike Research.  Their study shows that two wheel vehicles are the transportation methods of choice in many developing countries and that the boom in electric drive two wheelers in already in action and not likely to slow down.

There are several players in the two wheel EV field including Brammo, Zero, and Quantum.  Those may be small brands, but larger companies have products in the works including one of the worlds biggest two wheel vehicle manufacturers, Honda.

So what electric vehicle will it be, two wheels, three wheels, or four.  The choice is yours.

Source:  Motorcycle USA via AutoBlogGreen