The EV invasion is one its way in parts of the country.  Later this year both Nissan and GM will roll out plug-in vehicles and at least some cities out on the west coast are getting their preparations in order in time for the invasion.

San Francisco is currently working on a revised building code that would require any newly built structures to be outfitted with the necessary hookups for electric vehicle chargers.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co., one of largest electric suppliers out west, is gearing up to.  They are laying out what they call "heat maps".  The heat maps outline areas that could be potentially overloaded from electric vehicle charging.

Numerous companies in the Bay Area have placed orders for curbside charging units and additional company's are awaiting arrival of their recently purchase workplace charging stations.

The federal government has stepped in to do their part by awarding Nissan $200 million dollars last year, which will allow the company to actively work with local utilities and businesses to install an anticipated 13,000 charging stations in select states by the end of next year.

There are still skeptics that believe that electric vehicles will be a failure, but many major cities have assumed the risks and anticipate success.  If cities are not ready for EVs, failure could be imminent.  As the time draws near we will clearly see which cities are ready and which are not.