With range limitations it would seem unlikely that you could drive an electric vehicle a total of 21,000 miles in just 8 months, but it apparently can be done.  Just ask Mini E driver Tom Moloughney and he will tell you that this feat is certainly within the reach of an electric vehicle.

Moloughney owns a restaurant in New Jersey and makes a daily trek to the restaurant from his home.  He has installed two high voltage charging stations to accommodate his vehicle, one at his home and the other at the restaurant.  Aside from daily commuting, Moloughney says that he uses his Mini E for everything including pizza delivery services, and transporting restaurant supplies.

Moloughney averages roughly 130 miles per day in his Mini which works out to his 21,000 miles total.  By plugging in for 3.5 hours a day at work, he could indeed travel even more than he does now.  Moloughney believes that 200 miles per day would be feasible with his current charging setup, he also anticipates a total of 35,000 miles before the end of the lease.

Here's some interesting facts that Moloughney released to Edmunds Inside Line regarding his Mini E.

  • Most miles driven on a single charge: 128 (85 degrees outside, drove about 40 mph)
  • Least range seen on a single charge: 65 (15 degrees outside, drove 85-90 mph for 45 miles)
  • Most miles driven in a week: 950
  • Most miles driven in a single day: 177
  • Cost to charge the car since June: About $650
  • Continuous A/C use cuts the range by about 8-10 percent.
  • Continuous heater use cuts the range by about 20 percent.

For those who still believe that EVs are limited by range, it appears evident that with the right planning, range is a non-issue.  How many drivers of gasoline vehicles have tallied 21,000 miles in a mere 8 months?

Source:  Edmunds Inside Line