Better Place had made news on many occasions for some outlandish claims and also for demonstrating technology that most people think may never work.  However, the mere fact that they continue to make headlines means that the company is important to the electric vehicle community and should not be overlooked.

In a sort of radical move, the company has now opened an EV demonstration center in Israel.  What's radical about this you ask.  The demonstration center in inside a former oil tank.  Yes, it's a novel idea but it certainly makes a point.

The demonstration center give visitors a chance to learn more about electric vehicles and how they work.  It also shows potential customers how battery swapping takes place and perhaps most interesting to note is the one mile test track that allows visitors to drive EVs.

Better Place is a California based startup company.  Their choice to locate the demonstration center in Israel is influence by their decision to launch battery swapping stations next year in both Israel and Denmark.  The company expects tens of thousands of visitors this year alone and the number is likely to rise in the coming years.

The demonstration center should be open by the time you read this, so plan your trip to Israel for a chance to see it in action.  or refer to the pictures for a brief glimpse of what Better Place has to offer.