2010 Toyota Prius Sweepstakes

2010 Toyota Prius Sweepstakes

As widely reported yesterday, Toyota has suspended sales of 8 models due to a faulty accelerator pedal mechanism. The defective part apparently causes the pedal to stick, resulting in unintended acceleration and loss of control of the vehicle.

So what does a Chicagoland Toyota dealership do when it can't sell Corollas, Camrys or RAV4s until further notice? Give away a 2010 Prius at the Chicago Auto Show. That's what. Thirty Chicago-area dealers are collaborating to reward one lucky attendee with a new Prius hybrid on the last day of the show, on February 21.

The contest starts today and entries will be accepted until February 18. To register, you must be a resident of Chicagoland, and you must become a "fan" of the sweepstakes on the Chicagoland Toyota Dealers' Facebook page. Ten semi-finalists will be chosen, and asked to meet at the Toyota exhibit on the aforementioned day, when they'll be presented with identical envelopes. The winning envelope will hold a picture of a Prius.

It's worth noting that the 2010 Prius has not (yet) been named in Toyota's most recent massive recall, despite anecdotal evidence to suggest that it suffers from the same problem. However, 2004 through 2009 versions of the iconic hybrid have been affected by an earlier recall which Toyota says was caused by incompatible floor mats keeping the accelerator depressed.

In other words, enter the contest at your own risk.

Source: Toyota via PR Newswire