How can you tell that EVs are in high demand?  Look no further than Mitsubishi.  The company has increased production expectations for its i-MiEV several times before and is now increasing those numbers once again.

The Mainichi News is reporting that the company will increase production for 2010 from the expected 5,000 units up to a new target number of 8,500.  According to the report, orders "far outstrip" expectations.

Awhile back, the company increase their goal of 20,000 units in 2013 up to 30,000 units.  Now word is coming in that they may produced up to 30,000 units starting in 2012, a year ahead of schedule.

All of the increase in production come before the vehicle has even officially went on sale to the general public. Private citizens will have their chance to buy the i-MiEV starting in April of this year.  Exports to the U.S. and Europe will come soon after.

Increase demand and higher production numbers mean one thing in the automotive world.  Reduced costs.  With high demand, Mitsubishi plans to lower the cost of the vehicle.  A Mitsubishi official told the Mainichi News, " Following the production hike, we want to reduce the price of the car to around 2 million yen in several years, which is about the same as gasoline vehicles."

2 million yen roughly equates to $22,000, a price that is sure to intrigue buyers, though read the quote carefully above and you'll notice it says the company "wants" to reduce the price in "several" years.  Whether or not the company can successfully meet those goals will not be seen for several years.

Source:  Mainichi News