Michigan's drive to become the battery capital of the world is off to a strong start.  Several companies have built facilities within the state and more are schedule to come.  The latest addition to the battery manufacturing list for this state is Dow Kokam.

Though the name may not sound familiar, the company currently produces flat or prismatic li-ion cells in Missouri.  The name actually comes from the joint venture between Dow Chemical Company, a well known company,  and Townsend Kokam.  Dow Kokam has acquired a French battery pack assembly company and has announced plans to open a new lithium-ion cell manufacturing facility in the state of Michigan.  Dow Kokam received a total of $260 million in advanced technology grants from both the federal and state government last year and the money appears to be going towards construction of a new facility.

Dow Kokam acquired Societe de Vehicles Electriques from France's Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault.  Though the name probably doesn't ring a bell, the company has a battery lab and testing facility outside of Paris.

Construction on the battery facility is already underway in Midland, Michigan.  The facility is expected to be about 800,000 square feet in size and completion of the facility is expected sometime in late 2011 or early 2012.  Once completed, Dow Kokam could utilize resources from their new French partner to allow them to manufacture complete EV and hybrid battery management systems and produce cells that could be assembled into complete battery packs on-site.

Add Dow Kokam to the growing list of companies who have chosen the state of Michigan.  This list includes the likes of General Motors, A123 Systems, LG Chem, and Johnson Controls Saft.

Source:  Edmunds.com