666 Road Racing Ltd., designers / producers of high tech material and laminate components for high performance motorcycles, has now signed up for TTXGP series electric motorcycle racing.

In 2009, they were contracted by Mavizen, the designers / racers of the winning electric motorcycle at the TTXGP race at the Isle of Mann, to produce a carbon fiber electronics enclosure for Mavizen's RC8 racing bike.  The unique design of the enclosure also serves as a structural component of the motorcycle frame.

Triple 6 was so impressed with the product Mavizen was producing, that they decided to join the TTXGP racing circuit and be one of the first recipients of the Mavizen RC8 racing bike.  To that end, Triple 6 is seeking sponsors of / for high performance electric motorcycle components to help them successfully compete in the growing field of competitors of this racing series, which includes Roehr Motorcycles, Zero Motorcycles, CRP Motorcycles of Italy and Mavizen.

With several other major racing electric motorcycle design teams yet to commit to the series - Brammo, Motorczysz and Mission One, who were all present at the Isle of Mann event last year - the true high performance design leader is still up for grabs in the lucrative performance electric motorcycle market.

[Source: Triple 6]