Peugeot has been quietly working on a hybrid concept vehicle that it will officially unveil at the Geneva Motor Show this year.  Images as well as specs for this vehicle have been released well ahead of the unveiling and the vehicle appears promises both on paper and in the looks department.

Many Peugeot concept vehicles feature quirky styling that will likely never see production; however this hybrid concept breaks the mold.  The concept is called the SR1.  The vehicle features traditional sport coupe styling with a long hood and a low slung stance. 

The SR1 is powered by Peugeot's Hybrid 4 system.  This system utilizes a 1.6 liter turbodiesel engine to power the front wheels while a 95 hp electric motor drives the rear wheels.  Peugeot refers to the system as all wheel drive through the road and it will appear in production form in 2011 in the 3008 crossover vehicle from the company.

The SR1 is a three seater and the third person is positioned in the center of the vehicle behind the driver and front passenger.

The stats for the SR1 are quite compelling.  The turbodiesel combines with the electric motor to output 313 hp and average an estimated 57.7 mpg on the European cycle of 48 mpg by U.S. standards.  The vehicle emits 119 grams per km.

Though the company has not stated whether or not the SR1 will be given the green light, it does hint at the future styling for Peugeot products and it's not too shabby judging by the pictures.

Source:  CarScoop