This year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan is about to get underway and EVs and hybrids will play a key role at the show.  Aside from the returning event called EcoXperience which gives showgoers a chance to drive select EVs in a controlled environment, the show is also adding a new exhibit that highlights advanced technology vehicles.  The exhibit, called Electric Avenue, will feature many EVs and other advanced technology vehicles.  President Obama, considered a strong supporter of advanced technology vehicles and a man who insists that 1 million plug-in vehicles will be on our roads by 2015, will notably be absent from the show.

According to the Detroit Free Press, who spoke with a White House administration official, President Obama has no plans to attend the show.  Recent reports suggested that the president would be in attendance, but this confirmation contradicts previous stories and has now been comfirmed by other sources.

Why will Obama be absent?  Well there are several possible reasons.  Stopping by the show could lead people to believe that Obama is wasting his time with small matters when other, significant concerns are present.  The health care bill, two ongoing wars, recent terrorism attacks, and other recent events would seem to be more pressing at the moment than attending the NAIAS.  Additionally, if Obama appeared at the show he could potentially remind many Americans of a somewhat unpopular decision he made awhile back to rescue both Chrysler and GM.

Rather than steal the spotlight from the automakers be appearing, President Obama will be simply be content with handling the daily duties that comes with his position.

Though Obama will not be in attendance, others from Washington will.  Nancy Pelosi will be on hand along with many other House members.  Additionally, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will be present, along with many officials from the EPA.

Source:  Detroit Free Press January 7th Print Edition