Well, when it rains, it pours.  No sooner than I start talking about NEV's, then major announcements of new entrants occur.  Now, Polaris Defense is tweeking the Polaris Ranger EV (shown), an off-road electric vehicle, to qualify as an electric Low Speed Vehicle (LSV), or neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV).  It seems that the difference between LSV and NEV, is that LSV is not specific as to its propulsion system, whereas an NEV is only electric propulsion.

Interestingly, they are marketing this as a military vehicle, also available to any / all government agencies.  While that likely would be their most lucrative market, this vehicle would / could serve industrial / utility / service needs in most all sectors.  The vehicle has 1,000 lbs payload capacity, 1,250 lbs towing capability and On-Demand True All Wheel Drive, so I could see the Polaris EV LSV used by countless other enterprises.

I think Zap may have to watch their backs, as this vehicle may be more versatile than their ZAPTRUCK XL, which appears to only be 2 wheel drive.  Zap currently has lease agreements with UPS and others, but in this crowded marketplace, it may be tough to hold their leadership position for long.

[Source: Press Release]