GM announced today that they achieved a 13.4% marketshare in the world's largest automarket by increasing overall sales a staggering 67%.  GM's Buick brand is very strong among China's business elites, which explains GM's choice to keep Buick, while shedding other brands during the bankruptcy procedings of 2009.

It's been reported that China is pushing hard for the sale of the Volt in their country, so it will be interesting to see what nameplate the Volt wears in that market.  Currently, the Voltec architecture will be sporting Chevrolet, Opel and Vauxhall badges, with a two-door Cadillac version in the works.  Will GM re-badge the Volt as a Buick for the Chinese market?  Perhaps.

Many people pilloried former GM CEO Rick Wagoner for old GM's demise, but even at that time, I pointed out the high level of attention he paid to the Chinese automarket, often taking trips to China to maintain their relationships.  He even championed the Volt on those trips, which may lead to sales of that vehicle in China to meet or beat those in the US.  It's too bad the fruits of his efforts were born after his departure, then more people would have recognized his contributions.

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