Following up on a piece we ran on December 18th titled "  PHEVs and EVs To Cost Tens of Thousands More Than Gasoline Counterparts for Next 20 to 30 Years", we would like to offer some additional information that has been pointed out to us.  Many who commented note that the National Research Council could indeed be biased and the truth is, their report likely is.  Here's why.

According to Felix Kramer of Cal Cars, and a proponent of plug in vehicles the group that the National Research Council assigned to do the report on plug-in was non other than the Committee on the Assessment of Resource Needs for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies.

The committee was formed to do research and report on the needs of hydrogen vehicles.  Their research indicated that hydrogen vehicles would need strong governmental support in order to move forward.  After completing their work, this same group conducted a full scale study on plug-in vehicles.

As we know, supporters of hydrogen technology and those who support electric vehicles don't typically show strong support for each other.  Both groups tend to believe that their technology is more advanced and soon to be the dominant technology of the automotive industry.

The reason for argument between the two groups really comes down to money.  Both supporters of hydrogen vehicles and those who support plug-ins are in need of financing.  Each group tries desperately to secure additional money for research and development purposes and the battles will continue to wage on.

So back to the point at the opening of the story, the report from the National Research Council was submitted by the Committee on the Assessment of Resource Needs for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies.  Read the report and its findings with this in mind.