Per the press release linked below, Ford experienced a very strong year over year increase of 67% in their sales of hybrids, selling nearly 31,000 units and breaking their previous record, set in 2007.  In particular, Ford states that the March introduction of their award winning Fusion hybrid accounted for 45% of all their hybrid sales in 2009.

Using data from Edmunds recent press release about 2009 sales totals, Ford captured over 10% of the hybrid vehicle market for 2009 - not bad in a market built by the Toyota Prius.  Ford has a long way to go to gain on Toyota in this segment, but this is a very good start.

2010 will be a very interesting year for hybrids, as Chevrolet and Fisker Automotive (and to some extent, Toyota) begin to offer plug-in hybrids, which may attract buyers of standard hybrids, or bring in a new class of buyer - the early adopter of new technologies.  In addition, Nissan will offer the Leaf BEV, which may attract early adopters away from the plug-in hybrids.  Overall, 2010 will show whether conventional hybrids are the preferred alternative fuel / propulsion vehicle, or if the plug-in hybrid moves to take over the segment.

[Source: Ford Motor Company]