China's BYD Auto has received a lot of recognition for vehicles they have been working on.  Many are eagerly awaiting the companies offerings expected to arrive in the U.S. next year.  The company has promised low prices, long ranges, and other innovative technology.  The wait may be coming to an end as the automaker will display two of its vehicles at the NAIAS in Detroit in January.

BYD will have two vehicles on display in Detroit.  Both the e6 and the F3DM will be in attendance at the opening of the show next month.  Additionally, both vehicles are near production ready and are slated to go on sale next May.

Some background about the vehicles to be on display.  The F3DM is a plug-in electric hybrid EREV.  The vehicle can travel 62 miles on battery charge alone.  After the range is depleted, a small 1.0 liter engine kicks in to generate electricity for the battery pack. The specs sound all to similar to the Chevy Volt, but the F3DM could beat the Volt to market by several months and offer additional electric range over the Volt's 40 mile rating.  The F3DM sells for only $21,700 in China, but U.S. pricing has not been announced.

The companies e6 is a fully electric vehicle that can travel 249 miles on a single charge.  The vehicle is capable of reaching 60 from a standstill in 8 seconds and boasts a top speed of 100 mph.  The battery is capable of accepting a charge to 50% capacity in just 10 minutes.  The e6 is available in with several electric motor options ranging from 101 hp on up to 269 hp.  This five seat EV is expected to sell for around $40,000 here in the U.S.

The vehicles from BYD look to be ground breaking on paper at least.  Hopefully the company will hit their target release date and pricing will stay in check.  Have a look at these two vehicles in person next month at the NAIAS in Detroit while awaiting their arrival next May.