Zenn Clifford

Zenn Clifford

Zenn Motors is the Canadian manufacturer of low speed electric vehicles that has partnered with EEStor Inc, a company reportedly on the edge of revolutionizing energy storage.

Zenn originally was formed to make low speed electric cars which they have been selling since 2006.  The company's bigger plans have been to put EEStor's EESU's into drivetrains of small highway capable electric cars.

Zenn has been waiting several years for the delivery of the EESU with latest reports pegging that breakthrough moment as being this month.

The EESU would be several times lighter, smaller and energy dense than the best lithium ion batteries and utilize an inexpensive screen printing process.  They use the less expensive than lithium mineral barium and would have a functionally infinite lifetime.

In a recent interview ZENN CEO Ian Clifford told a reporter that EEStor has achieved over a million cycles with their energy storage medium in the laboratory.

In September, Zenn announced they would no longer build the highway capable EV called the Zenn but instead would manufacture EEStor-powered Zennergy drive powertrains to be sold to other OEMs.

Now apparently in preparation for the launch of the EESU, Zenn has announced they will cease production of their current low speed vehicle, the LSV,  as of April 30th 2010.

"With the valuable experience we've gained and the tangible progress EEStor has made over the past year, we are now confidently turning the page in the evolution of ZENN Motor Company from a manufacturer of LSVs into a Tier 1 supplier to automotive and specialty vehicle companies, including other LSV OEMs, all of whom are in great need of a solution such as that represented by ZENNergy(TM) drive," stated Clifford. "Recognizing the significant emphasis government, industry and consumers are placing on the electrification of transportation, we believe that our ZENNergy(TM) strategy is extremely well-positioned."

I reached out to Mr. Clifford to confirm if the timing of EESU delivery was still on track for being this month.

"The decision on timing of EEStor's "reveal" remains entirely in their control," replied Clifford. "Obviously we remain pleased with their ongoing progress."

Source (Zenn)