In a wise and strategic move, Th!nk, the Norwegian EV producer, has selected a site in Indiana for US production.  The source of this information, Charles Gassenheimer, Chairman and CEO of Ener1, Inc., further states that the exact location and other details about this site will be announced in a few weeks.

Indiana is a logical location for this production facility, because Ener1, Inc., who is a 31% shareholder in Th!nk, is also located in Indiana, so both their supervision and supply will remain close.  To wit, Th!nk has applied for federal funds under the US Department of Energy's Advanced Technologies Manufacturing Loan Program, which encourages domestic production of alternative fuel vehicles.  This same program has loaned both Tesla Motors and Fisker Automotive approximately $1 billion for the same purposes.  Although the amount of funds for which Th!nk applied was not available, private investment in Th!nk from Ener1, Inc., and others has been substantial, just as in the cases of Tesla Motors and Fisker Automotive.

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