The funky looking, super slim Tango EV is ready to re-enter production.  What's the Tango EV?  Since a mere 11 have been made and sold, it's likely that many people have no idea what it is.

The Tango was created by Rick Woodbury.  It's one of the odd looking EVs from a start-up maker, creator that entered the market before the more mainstream models that we are seeing today.  The vehicle is a two seater, that is as narrow as just about anything on the road, in fact its considered America's thinnest car.  According to Woodbury, the thin dimensions allow it to zip through congested urban traffic.

Production ran for a limited time and 11 Tangos were completed before production halted.  At $150,000, this EV costs a lot of coin, but has performance numbers that at least partially justify the high price tag.  According to Woodbury, the Tango can reach 60 mph in just 4 second, reach a top speed over 100 mph, and travel up to 120 miles on a charge.

Surely the numbers look good, but its two seat capacity, high price tag, and odd looks may keep buyers away.  Anyways, creator Woodbury says that production will restart and those in the market for this funky vehicle can once again place their orders.

The Tango was on display at the SEMA trade show in Los Angeles last week.

Source:  USA TODAY