I received the following in an email from Zero Motorcycles:

"We are excited to announce that consumer financing is now available for all of our motorcycles. This means that you can purchase a Zero S or DS for as low as $290 a month after your deposit or one of our off-road motorcycles for even less. Unlike a typical loan, you can also finance the purchase of all your accessories, upgrades and even apparel. In addition, the Zero S and DS are eligible for a 10% Federal tax credit. This effectively gives you a post Federal tax credit price of $8995.

To learn more about financing a Zero or to place an order using consumer finance please visit our website."

The ability of companies like Zero Motorcycles and Tesla Motors to offer financing, instead of the consumer going to a bank, should significantly improve their ability to close sales.  Look for additional EV distributors offering financing of their own to speed adoption of these vehicles.