Daimler has decided to extend work on hybrid and other alternative propulsion systems at a new facility specifically built to focus solely on alternative propulsion.  The company  will open a new alternative power train development facility in Redford Township, Michigan.

Previously, Daimler's only North American involvement with hybrid products was through the joint venture two-mode hybrid program.  The program has come to completion and the power trains are now widely used in several models from various manufacturers.  Rather than ending hybrid development in the States and reverting back to Germany, the company will establish its own development facilities here.

The facility in Redford Township will not only work on hybrid models but also on all forms of alternative propulsion including the development of electric vehicles.  The facility will be located on the same grounds as Detroit Diesel, which is also owned by Daimler.

Of course Michigan was not chosen by Daimler without a little support from the state government.  The State of Michigan extended $7.5 million in tax breaks to the company and the township of Redford also helped out.  The facility is expected to employ 220 engineers and techs within the next few years.

Source  Detroit Free Press Print Edition