Makers of green cars can rejoice as the President has signed the 2010 energy budget bill into law giving green car development one of the largest boosts in funding seen in decades.  The bill includes $814 million in funding for several alternative propulsion programs.

$283 million in funding will go towards fuel cell research and the use of hydrogen fuels.  The bill restores over $100 million in funding for automotive specific hydrogen fuel cell development, funding that Energy Secretary Chu has proposed cutting.  According to Chu, fuel cell personal transportation vehicles are not viable and will not be for the next 15 to 20 years.

Automakers and fuel cell proponents made numerous assurances to Chu and claim to be able to market a commercially acceptable fuel cell vehicle within the next 6 years.  The newly signed bill will give them funding to continue research and hopefully reach their goals.

The bill also includes funding for vehicle electrification programs, advanced ICE projects and bio-fuel development.  The bill's passing is celebrated by many trade groups, lobbyists, and additional companies who work with various alternative propulsion technologies.

If all goes as planned, the 2010 energy bill will assist automakers, developers, researchers and suppliers to achieve the goal of producing greener, cleaner, more efficient vehicles in the years ahead.