Zero Motorcycles is now entering the enormous Asian electric scooter / motorcycle market through AMPLE, a worldwide distributor of electric vehicle products founded on Earth Day 2008.  AMPLE's brief history can be viewed here.  I wonder if Zero tried to market through more established distributors to no avail, and settled on AMPLE, or if the symbiosis between Zero Motorcycles and AMPLE simply made more business sense.  Time will tell.

SINGAPORE, Oct. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- AMPLE (, a global marketing and distribution leader providing a full suite of products and services geared towards the electric vehicle market, today announced it will be the first company in Asia to represent Zero Motorcycles. Based in Singapore, AMPLE will begin selling the Zero X and MX off road motorcycles immediately and will begin taking orders for the all-new 2010 Zero S street bike and DS dual sport motorcycles. Making global news at the 2009 APEC Summit in Singapore, AMPLE debuts its products and services on November 11-14. AMPLE will have a significant presence at the event, with a tent display highlighting Zero Motorcycles and many of its strategic partners.

"Zero Motorcycles is committed to delivering four unique, fully electric and powerful motorcycles to the Asian community helping reduce the global emissions footprint, and we are extremely excited to begin supporting this product and company," said Kian-Wee Lim, founder, AMPLE. "We will be showcasing the new Zero partnership as one of our featured product lines at the Sustaining Electric Vehicle and Green Technology Expo held in conjunction with 2009 APEC event where global leaders will come together to discuss the economic crisis and positioning for a sustainable recovery in the post-crisis world - under the theme 'Sustaining Growth, Connecting the Region'."

"Zero Motorcycles and AMPLE share a common goal of expanding the electric vehicle movement globally," says John Lloyd, VP of World Wide Sales of Zero Motorcycles. "With AMPLE's marketing and distribution efforts, consumers in Asia will now have the opportunity to test ride and buy the high-performance Zero Motorcycles product line locally."

AMPLE is a global marketing and distribution leader in providing a full suite of products and services geared towards the electric vehicle market. It is the only international company whose mission is to bring together the world's best electric technology partners, institutions and governmental bodies with the goal of ensuring a global reduction in emissions. AMPLE accomplishes this by leveraging its industry knowledge of electric vehicles and partnering with companies that are firmly committed to developing a sustainable, electric vehicle market segment.

Zero Motorcycles is powering into the world of electric vehicles with their fleet of fully electric, zero emissions motorcycles. Each motorcycle runs off of a Z-Force technology power pack consisting of lithium ion cells making it completely non-toxic, recyclable, and rated for landfill disposal in the US, Canada, and Europe. Zero Motorcycles is the leading manufacturer of all-electric motorcycles and is paving the way for energy independence in the automotive world. 

[Source: Reuters]