I've often wondered who names the colors of things like the sweaters, paint, and cars. Who gets to decide which shade of red is spicy enough to be "Caliente" or cute enough to be "Valentine" or hot enough to be "Red Hot?" Are there specialists who deal only in beiges and grays, others who are experts in primary colors? Who gets to decide what's gray and what's silver? It sounds easy, but once you start thinking about it, it's a challenge, to be honest, and not a job I think I would want.

But it may be a job YOU want. If you have an idea for what Chevrolet ought to call that unique warm-gray-silver of the Volt, they're currently looking for someone who knows the difference between "platinum" and "diamond" and "lightning" to name that shade. Or hue. Or whatever.

If you have an idea, submit your entry on the Chevrolet Volt Facebook page (click the link on the left for "Volt Color Naming Contest"), Chevrolet VoltAge, or better yet at GM-Volt.com. Entries must be received by 8:00 a.m. EST on November 4th. You may submit as many entries as you want. Bear in mind, by the way, that "diamond" is already used by Cadillac to describe one of their whites, and "platinum" by Pontiac for one of their silvers. So many words, so many connotations!

Below is a video on how GM chooses colors that might give you a leg up on the competition.

Good luck!

Source: Chevrolet Volt