According to Zero Motorcycles, both their Zero S and DS electric bikes have been issued a Certificate of Conformity from the Environmental Protection Agency and are now set to take to the roads. 

According to the EPA, the Zero S and DS are said to achieve an astounding equivalent of 455 mpg and generate zero grams of carbon emissions.

The two electric motorcycles have also achieved certification from both the U.S. and Canadian governments in the vehicle safety standards field making them eligible for sale in both countries and eligible for Federal tax credits in the U.S.

The certification allows Zero motorcycle buyers to qualify for a whopping 10% tax credit and sales tax credit under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  These "green" personal transportation vehicles come in at an attractive price to motorcycle buyers after credits are figured in.

After credits, the on road Zero S and off-road Zero DS come in at just $8,995.  Not bad for a zero emissions motorcycle that meets all U.S. safety requirements and nets 455 mpg.

Source:  Zero Motorcycles