Starting at 3:30 pm Eastern time, two big names in the plug-in vehicle field will be participating in a live web chat fielding questions from everyone. To take part in the web chat, click here.

Felix Kramer, founder of California Cars Institute and Tony Posawatz, line director for the Chevy Volt, will take part in the live web chat. The chat will focus on all aspects of plug-in vehicles.

Both Kramer and Posawatz will also be on hand at the Business of Plugging In conference held in the city of Detroit next week. The two will take part in a panel discussion next Wednesday called "The Consumer: Who, When, and Why?"

Participation in a web chat can provide viewers with knowledgeable, meaningful information and the opportunity to speak with business insiders. Even though viewers may not have their questions answered, the live chat forum is both lively and interesting. Join in below: