Renault made a splash with several EV concepts displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  For those interested in finding out more about the individual models, look no further than Renault's new web site devoted strictly to their lineup of electric vehicles.

The site provides information about the upcoming electric vehicles including the Fluence, Kangoo, Zoe, and Twizzy.  But the site is not only about the vehicles.  The new site provides information about Renault's process of making EVs affordable to everyone.

According to information on the site, Renault will likely lease the batteries of all upcoming EVs rather than outright selling the battery to the buyer.  This method reduces upfront costs and makes the initial pay out less taxing on buyers.

Additional information on the site suggests that Renault will offer three charging options for all of its EVs.  The vehicles will be capable of using a 220 V outlet to charge in 6 to 8 hours, a fast charge system to charge in 20 to 30 minutes, and battery swap capabilities across the lineup of EVs allowing users to take advantage of 3 minutes battery changes.

Log on to their site for more information regarding the future of EVs at Renault.