As many countries vie for the lead in the production and use of EVs, France has decided to issue a set of commandments that are intended to guide them to the top.

French minister for Environmental Affairs, Jean-Louis Borloo recently announced a list a 14 critical steps for the development, production, and expansion of EVs throughout the country.  The French government will provide assistance to assure that EVs become successful within their borders and the list below provides steps to be taken to assure success.

  1. Launch demonstration charging stations in 2010.
  2. Integrate EVs with city mobility plans.
  3. Help universities establish battery development programs.
  4. Purchase up to 100,000 EVs by 2015.
  5. Achieve final passage of the €5,000 subventionfor consumers to purchase EVs.
  6. Make sure all cars can be charged at home using standard plugs.
  7. Starting in 2012, require all new buildings with parking facilities to include EV charging points.
  8. For existing developments, create a "right to charge" so no opposition can be made to installing charge points.
  9. Starting in 2015, require all office buildings to have EV charging points.
  10. Use and promote the upcoming standard European EV plug.
  11. Make sure local governments get help to create EV charging stations.
  12. Organize the development of an EV charging network.
  13. Assure that non fossil-sourced energy is used to charge cars [this is an easy one, since France uses so much nuclear power]. 
  14.  Promote battery recycling.

Translation of the list above provided via AutoBlogGreen.  Special thanks given to Xavier Navarro.

The 14 steps towards EV success appears to cover most aspects that are essential to this unique industry.  Many other countries will undoubtedly attempt to follow a similar set of guidelines. 

Adoption of many of the steps listed above require more than just funding.  Laws will be required, tremendous cooperation amongst several groups will be required, and conformity from manufacturers of EVs as well as producer of charging stations will be essential.

Developing a list and following that list are two entirely different tasks, but the French government is confident that the guidelines above can and will be adopted countrywide.  If so, France could very well become worldwide EV leaders within the next 5 years.

Source:  AutoBlogGreen