Fisker will release the much anticipated Fisker Karma about one year from now if everything stays on track.  The company, including founder Henrik Fisker believes that plug-in hybrids represent the future of automobiles and he believes that public charging stations will be unnecessary as consumers will demand plug-in and EREVs over battery only EVs.

Supporters of EVs point to the simplicity of the system as its main advantage.  An electric vehicle carries just one power train versus the much more complex two powertrain systems used in hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and EREVs.  EV supporters believe that this simplicity will eventually lead to a less costly product to produce and to purchase. 

Henrik Fisker strongly disagrees with supporters of EVs.  He has stated that he agrees  with marketing surveys and investors who believe plug-in vehicles will become the dominant vehicle in the future.  Fisker said, "And the reason is very simple.  There are still houses in the world that don't have electricity.  But there are gas stations around the corner."

Fisker goes on to state, "What is the car really all about?  It's about freedom.  It's about going as far as you want, whenever you want.  That's what you can do with a plug-in hybrid.  You can go your 50 miles on electric, which is what most people will do.  But you want to have that option if one day you want to drive on vacation or go and visit somebody who's 600 miles away, you can do it."

Though Fisker does speak words of truth, EVs are only in the developmental stages at this point.  Additional, new battery technology could likely extend the range of EVs to over 300 miles by 2020.  Analysts have predicted that a battery only range of 500 miles is achievable with the next 20 years.

For now the argument wages on.  What is the future of automobiles?  Will EVs or hybrids dominate the roads?  Will gasoline engines be around 20 years from now?  Right now it's anyone's guess, but one thing is certain, the automotive industry is changing at a rate unheard of in recent history.

Source:  Wards Auto (Login required)