Said to have been inspired by the iconic 2CV,  the unfortunately named REVOLTe concept car appears to be an excercise in style taken about as far as one could possibly take it.  In fact,  it's difficult to imagine anything less in the spirit of the beloved Gallic "people's car" than this strawberry parfait on wheels.  Perhaps in reaction to the general feeling that it's new DS sedan is a bit pedestrian, the company appears to have encouraged the REVOLTe designers to Channel a combination of Phillipe Starke, Liberace' and a Moroccan brothel-keeper.  The result is certainly not dull, although it may not be to everyone's taste.

Equipped with suicide doors, a retractable soft top and an unusual three seat passenger layout "designed to resemble a lounge" the REVOLTe is not so much futuristic as future-decadent.  The official hype breathlessly proclaims that "Thanks to iridescent, glossy colours, silky smooth textiles and sophisticated materials, REVOLTe has a vibrant, dare-to-be-different interior that throws tradition aside."

On a practical note, the rear bench seat, which is described as "taking the form of a contemporary sofa",  forms an uninterrupted volume which contains the car's battery pack while maximizing interior space, an important consideration in a car which is only about 12 feet long and five feet eight inches wide.

The REVOLTe is presented as a plug-in hybrid able to operate in all-electric "Zero emission vehicle" mode until battery levels fall to the point that a range-extending internal combustion engine/generator set kicks in.  No hard information on a drive-train, motors or batteries was presented, but considering Citroen-Peugeot's cooperative relationship with Mistsubishi, it's possible that if some form of the REVOLTe does go into production the internal mechanicals would be adapted from the existing i-MiEV platform.

[SOURCE: Jalopnik, Gizmag]