Coulomb Technologies has expanded their global reach by recently announcing the installation of a charging system in Germany.

The system is a ChargePoint networked charging station for plug-in electric vehicles.  It will not be the first in Germany as another company called 365 Energy Group Inc. has claimed the rights to the first five charging stations within the countries borders.

The additional charging systems from ChargePoint will be installed in the Ruhr metropolitan area and will ensure that future battery reliant EVs can be charged throughout the city and outlying areas.

Two of the ChargePoint locations have been selected and the units have been installed.  One unit is located in the customer parking lot of a public utility company while another is located at housing association.  The additional three units and their locations have not been decided yet.

The ChargePoint system is beginning to see worldwide expansion and is commonly selected by many cities and countries as their choice for EV charging in public areas.  Germany is not the first European country to choose the ChargePoint system, the Netherlands beat them to the punch by installing the systems back in May.

Coulomb Technologies in headquartered in California and their system offers networked charging solutions and can be installed in homes, parking garages, street side locations, and other areas convenient for EV access.