Saab will introduce the upcoming 9-5 at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week.  Along with a slew of engine choices including both gasoline and diesel models, the company plans to introduce its first hybrid powertrain ever in the new 9-5 soon.

The company is currently working on the development of the hybrid assist system.  It will utilize a turbocharged 1.4 liter gasoline engine designed to offer strong power in the upper rpm range.  The engine will be mated to an electric motor designed to offer instant torque from idle.  Combined, the two powerplants will offer bountiful power throughout the rpm band.

The electric motor will be in use while the driver is accelerating or the vehicle is otherwise under heavy load.  While cruising, power will come from the gasoline engine only.  According to Saab, the results are expected to be diesel like efficiency with gasoline engine responses, all while emitting a low amount of pollutants and displaying impressive power.

The hybrid assist is designed to only be used in short burst while accelerating and during other high load situations.  Due to this design, the 9-5 will utilize a small, low price battery pack to handle the low demand placed on the electric motor.  The low price of the battery pack is vital to Saab who has always aimed to undercut the price of competing German vehicles.

There is no release date set for the hybrid version of the 9-5, but the vehicle in non-hybrid version will make its debut just days from now.