Range anxiety is constantly on the top of the list of problems associated with a worldwide launch of electric vehicles.  How do you convince consumers that a vehicle will meet the stated range without any issues?  How can you convince buyers that they will not be stranded on the roadside?  This issue is at the forefront of EV discussions, but lurking in the background is how EV owners will respond to roadside charging stations?

When EV owners are at home, they simply plug in their vehicle overnight and awake to a charged vehicle in the morning.  Through a bit of trial and error, they will easily learn how to use a home charging unit.  But what about when they take to the roads and enter their first charging station.

Many charging stations will differ in terms of usage.  Some will allow automatic payment through a membership, other may take major credit cards.  Some will offer high output fast charge capabilities, others will not.

EV owner will likely be fearful of their first trip to a charging station, but a company called Aerovironment hopes to change that.  They are working on designing charging plugs and stations that look familiar and pleasing.

According to Aerovironment, part of the answer to the problem is not making the plug look like some industrial, fearful thing.  Rather they want the plug to look inviting perhaps like a new gadget such as a Blackberry or iPhone.  They hope their design calls out to EV owners getting a reaction of "I've got to try that."

Additionally, Aerovironment is in conversations with grocery store chains, hotels, restaurant chains, and other services where drivers stop their vehicles for an extended amount of time.  They see the possibility of using fast charge technology to at least partially charge a vehicle while the driver accomplishes other tasks.

The key to EVs future lies in many different actions taking place, but charging is currently the main concern.  If you can make charging a simple, convenient process, more buyers will move to EVs.

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