Fisker Automotive has made a move to bolster their team of executives as they prepare for the launch of the Karma plug-in.  They recently added former Maserati of North America CEO Marti Eulberg to the team of top execs.

Eulberg will join Fisker as their vice president for global sales and marketing.  She has extensive automotive experiences including stints with Volvo, Jaguar, BMW, and as mentioned Maserati.  Her latest job as CEO of Maserati North America lasted less than a year before she resigned from the company.

According to Fisker, they choose Eulberg for the position due to her extensive knowledge of international car markets.  Fisker believes the plug-in Karma will sell well in European, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries, possibly selling better abroad than here in the U.S.  Adding Eulberg to the team readies Fisker for the global market.

As Henrik Fisker said, "Eulberg's experience as an international leader is why she will add tremendous value to our operation."

The company plans to begin building the plug-in Karma this winter with sales to kick off next spring.  Pricing for the Karma should begin around $87,900.  Additionally, Fisker plans to introduce a cheaper plug-in hybrid after the release of the Karma.