Recent reports have surfaced stating that engineers for the Chevy Volt are having problems in creating a seamless transition between the Volt's various power delivery modes.  According to Volt chief designer Bob Boniface, these reports are blown out of proportion.

During a recent discussion on the website, Boniface said, "I don't know what all the fuss is about."  According to Boniface who recently drove one of the test mules through the transition of electric power to internal combustion engine, "it was remarkably smooth and quiet with near seamless transition."

The reports stating that the Volt had a problem with this electric gasoline transition surfaced shortly after GM allow journalists to take a test drive of the Volt.  The only stipulation being that it was only to be driven under electric power.

Questions immediately arose.  Many wondered if GM was trying to hide a problem with the transition between power delivery modes.  According to Volt vehicle line director Tony Posawatz, journalists were not allowed to fully test the vehicle because they were working on refining the transition between modes.

So you need not lose any sleep as GM confirms that there is not a development issue with the Volt.  Everything is going according to the plan.

Boniface said, "I think the team wants it to be perfect before letting others drive it."

Source:  Wards Auto  (Login required)