Nissan is currently developing a hybrid system that could be utilized in some of the companies smaller vehicles before full electric vehicles take over the roadways.

 Though Nissan remains committed to EV technology and will continue development of several electric vehicles, they also realize that there is a need in the near future for additional hybrid models until the EV go mainstream.

Additionally, Nissan sees a small need for those drivers that need the daily range of a traditional gasoline vehicle.  The hybrid system is only in the development stages at this point and according to their Vice President Mitsuhiko Yamashita, no final decision has been made regarding whether or not the company will offer small of mid sized hybrid vehicles utilizing the hybrid system developed by Nissan.

As Yamashita said, "The best option of course would be for zero emission electric vehicles to cover all needs, but that's going to take awhile."

Hybrids in general have risen in popularity in Japan and throughout several other countries, but Nissan is not convinced that hybrid technology will drive the future of cars. 

Nissan has released plans to put its company built hybrid system in to high end, low volume luxury vehicles such as the Fuga and select Inifiniti models, but has not made a decision regarding the systems use in mainstream model.

The Nikkei newspaper recently reported that Nissan plans to install the hybrid system in the Serana minivan by 2011.  The Serena is a top selling model for Nissan in Japan, but Nissan denies the report.

Many sources have pointed out that Nissan will utilize its hybrid system in several vehicles in the near future, but Nissan is not confirming the information.  They appear to be set on their EV debut on August 2nd.  After the much anticipated debut, maybe Nissan will release future hybrid plans.

For now we will have to wait to see what the future hold for Nissan beyond the debut of three new EV just days away.

Source:, Automotive News