The Fisker Karma extended range electric vehicle is nearing production with a scheduled introduction next year, but the orders are already adding up.

According to the company, they have received 1,400 orders for this unique, sporty, plug-in.  The first orders should go out either in May or June of next year.

Fisker spokesperson Russell Datz said, "We are still scheduled to begin production toward the end of this year.  Pre-production and prove-out vehicles will give way to customer car toward early summer 2010."

The Fisker Karma, considered an EREV similar to the Chevy Volt, combines a strong electric only range of 50 miles with a predicted total range in hybrid mode around 300 miles.  It offers a gasoline equivalent of 100 mpgs and has stunningly good looks and a sporting attitude.

One remarkeable achievement by designer Henrik Fisker is the cars ability to haul four people and their luggage in a vehicle the same height as a Porsche 911.  The Karma's creative use of space offers a sports car body with a family sedans interior volume.

Offering versatility, sporting looks, strong fuel efficiency and great performance, the Karma brings out attributes typically lacking in other plug-in hybrid vehicles.

If Fisker stays on its set production schedule, it will introduce a production EREV in the U.S. market ahead of the much talked about Chevy Volt.

Source:  Autocar.UK