Nissan has placed focus on their yet-to-be-released EV for over a year now. They claim this car will be priced similarly to ordinary cars and capably carry an entire family. They promise a mainstream vehicle with widespread appeal. But what about hybrids?

All of the talk surrounding this EV may imply that Nissan had no intentions of making hybrids or plug-in hybrids, instead focusing solely on electrics. Recently, we reported that Nissan is working on their own hybrid system to replace the Toyota system used in the Altima hybrid.

Now, word is coming out that Nissan will likely introduce several new hybrids after the 2010 launch of their EV. Several sources including Edmunds and the Nikkei newspaper in Japan confirm this.

According to Nissan, the new hybrids will utilize a proprietary hybrid system and will include more than just the Japanese only market luxury hybrid Fuga that was announced previously.

When the Fuga launches in 2010, it will become Nissan's second hybrid model, but now we know that Nissan does not intend to stop there. Producing EVs alongside hybrid models will make Nissan a stand out as most companies have chosen one or the other. But they are intent on leading in all new advanced technology vehicles.