Fedex announced plans to increase their hybrid fleet by adding an additional 92 hybrid electric trucks to it large fleet of delivery vehicles.  With the addition of 92 more hybrid, Fedex will have 264 hybrid delivery vehicles in its fleet.  The numbers put Fedex well into the lead as the largest fllet of hybrid delivery trucks in North America.

 Fedex introduced their first hybrid back in 2004.  Since the introduction and implementation of hybrids, Fedex has been able to save more than 150,000 gallons of fuel, an equivalent of removing 279 cars from the road annually.

The newest line of Fedex hybrid will actually be conversion.  The standard delivery truck will be converted to a hybrid with the help of Freightliner and Eaton.  The vehicles will be produce in Charlotte, N.C. and will create 50 new jobs in the area as temporary positions.  The converted trucks will see additional use for delivery purposes extending the overall life of the vehicle.

According to Fedex, "The conversion of these standard Fedex trucks into hybrids is the latest milestone in our drive to advance and adopt hybrid technology into our fleet and the broader industry.  Fedex and our suppliers have demonstrated that converted hybrids are a viable, lower cost option compared to purchasing new hybrids."

Most of the converted trucks will see us in California.  They will hit the streets of Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.  All of the listed areas are high in smog, but these converted trucks will improve fuel economy by 44%, decrease particulates by 96% and reduce smog by 75% over standard Fedex trucks.

The converted hybrids will wear the new Fedex EarthSmart logo.  Eventually, all Fedex hybrids will be outfitted with this new logo.

The converted hybrids is but one small part of Fedex's plans for a cleaner tomorrow.  They are working on several other green vehicle technologies, purchasing more efficient vehicles and reorganizing delivery routes to save gas.

Source: Business Wire