Many people are still undecided about the future of EVs. They doubt the technology, the infrastructure, and the costs of such advanced vehicles. Others simply can not deal with change and are diehard fans of gasoline vehicles.

However, what many people fail to mention is that some EVs are just downright ugly. Sure there are some with eye appeal such as the Tesla Roadster or Dodge Circuit, but those are exceptions. Many EVs, in an attempt to stand out from the crowd of automobiles, do so in an offensive manner and are simply ugly.

The Business Insider has compiled a list of the top ten Ugliest EVs of All Time. Many are rare and seldom seen, some are well known, but all are ugly and set a bad exampled for EVs as a whole. So check out the group of cars selected as the ugliest and here's to hoping that EVs will not look this bad in the future. Let's hope for more Chevy Volt looking vehicles or Tesla Model S lookalikes.

In the number 1 spot is the 1974 Sebring Vanguard CitiCar. With a top speed of 39 mph and a wedge like body shape, its hard to imagine why this was one of the best selling EVs in its day.

In the number 2 spot is the 1973 GM Electric. Yes, they made an electric car back then, but it was a low speed city car the size of a golf cart, with equally hideous looks the the Sebring.

In at number 3 is the GM EV1. Yes it was funky in many ways, but also hinted at aerodynamics and function over style. It probably would fit in better today then it did at its introduction.

In at number 4 is the Reva. This vehicle, built and sold in India, is the best selling city electric car in the world.

At 5 is the Aptera 2e. Though is does look striking and has a strong similarity to an airplane, marketing a three wheel vehicle to the general public will never work, a serious design flaw.

At 6 is the T3 CT3, another trike that just won't work when everyone is used to and loves four wheel vehicles.

Next up is the Peapod. The vehicle smiles at everyone along the way with great cheerfulness. It's probably a little too cute for everyone.

Next is the Nissan Pivo. This vehicle is only in the prototype stage, but it looks as though the driver is encased in a bubble again with a cheerful smiling front end.

Now on to the Mitsubishi I-MiEV. Though this one may be a strong seller when it hits the market, it's silly egg shaped looks is not for everyone.

Finally, the Plug-in Prius is on the list. They believe that vehicle sells in spite of the way it looks and not because of how it looks, but there no denying the Prius sells well so Toyota got something right.

The decision of the world's ugliest EVs is purely subjective, but nobody can deny that EVs as a group, have come up short in terms of eye appeal at this point.

Check out the pictures of each vehicle at the link listed below and tell us what you think is the ugliest EV ever.

Source: Business Insider