It looks like something out of the new Transformers movie and it gets 117 miles per gallon. Interested? It's the Peugeot HYmotion 3 Motorcycle, but this is no ordinary bike. It's a three-wheeled (two in front, one in back) scooter, powered by a 125cc gas engine and two electric motors - one for each front wheel. Not to mention that it has a roof, so you won't have to hide under an overpass when it rains.

The HYmotion will compete directly with the Piaggio MP3, another three-wheeled scooter, sans roof, currently sold only in Europe. The MP3 also uses a 125cc engine, but differs from the HYmotion in that only the rear wheel is powered both by the gas engine and the electric motor. The MP3 might trump the HYmotion in fuel economy, as it's expected to offer 140 miles per gallon and 12 miles of gas free travel on a fully charged lithium-ion battery pack.

The HYmotion 3 is expected to go on sale next year, so if you're looking for a fun to drive, high mpg machine, start saving now.

Source: Bikes In The Fast Lane, Autoblog Green