The Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCell Hybrid city bus was presented by Daimler at a conference of public transport authorities recently in Vienna.

The bus is unique in that it employs Daimler's hydrogen powered fuel cell along with their diesel electric hybrid powertrain called Citaro G Blue Tec Hybrid.  This bus combines both advanced technologies that are separately in use by Daimler into one bus.

The bus displayed runs with little to no noise and emits few pollutants making it ideal for congested, polluted inner city environments.

Daimler is the worldwide leader in buses by volume and as such would like to position themselves as the makers of the cleanest operating buses in the world.  They expect to make 30 of these revolutionary buses and test them through the use of the European mass transit system.

The buses will hit the roads this fall and testing will be carried out throughout Europe.

Source:    Edmunds