The first pre-production Chevy Volt has now officially rolled of the line ahead of schedule and GM has released a video showcasing the vehicle in the hands of the Chevrolet Volt Vehicle Chief Engineer Andrew Farah.  View the video above.  Follow up with more of the story after watching the video.

Previous versions of the Volt that have been displayed and driven by journalist were adorned with the body of the Chevy Cruze, but this one is as close to the real thing as it gets right now.  Its complete with the Volt bodywork and chassis.  Called Integration Vehicle #1, the car took to the public roads for testing and will undergo much more testing in the coming days.

GM will build 80 more like it in the coming months allowing them to extensively test the vehicle and assure it meets the goals set by engineers.  The company is slightly ahead in the process with the Volt and moving forward every day.

According to Farah, "The mules demonstrated the potential drive experience of the Volt's chassis and powertrain, but the pre-production vehicles bring together the complete Volt experience into one dynamic vehicle.

He went on to state, "We're producing a few Volts per week now, but we'll quickly ramp up to 10 per week and will have approximately 80 pre-production vehicles built by October.  By exceeding our own pre-production deadlines it allows us additional time to refine the vehicle."

GM is ahead of schedule and things are looking bright for the Volt.  Maybe the naysayers that believe the Volt program will be cancelled will be put to rest now.  GM has shown no signs of dropping the Volt and every indication shows they are moving forward at a rampant pace.

Source:  You Tube. LeftlaneNews