He who makes a bold statement must be willing to admit when he is wrong.  Texas Governor Rick Perry recently stated that Texans need their pickups truck because you simply can't fit a bale of hay into a Prius.  Or can you?  As Perry said, "It don't work."

Well John Kelso of the Austin American Statesman put Perry's words to the test.  He borrowed a Prius from a work buddy and headed to the general store.

In his quest to find a Prius for this task he contacted a Toyota dealership who was unwilling to let him borrow a vehicle, but did estimate that he could probably fit half a bale into the vehicle or a whole bale with the seat down.

Back at the general store, they began loading the Prius.  It kept swallowing the bales of hay.  Four in the back and one on the front seat before it was stuffed to capacity.  In all, five bales of hay fit into the small Prius proving Perry wrong.

Sure it made a big mess and wouldn't be something that would be advised as the clean up took Kelso a long time, but it is possible and proves that Texans could drive a Prius for some of their farming needs.

Texas, the land of trucks, probably won't be full of Priuses any time soon, but the versatility and cargo capacity of the Prius is surely impressive.  Governor Perry has not commented about Kelso's findings or retracted his statement at this point.

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