The San Francisco Bay area has added its third community to its growing list of public charging stations.

The community of Walnut Creek joins San Francisco and San Jose as communities in the Bay Area to offer public charging areas for EVs.  The three cities all utilize the ChargePoint system from Coulomb Technologies.  To read more about this system, follow this link to our past post,  Coulomb ChargePoint.

Chief executive of Coulomb Technologies Richard Lowenthal said, "Progressive Bay Area cities are leading b example when it comes to EV infrastructure.  Nowhere else in the world can drivers of electric vehicles travel from city to city and find charging stations.  EV owners in the area can literally drive around the Bay Area and charge as they go."

Coulomb Technologies is increasing their reach throughout North America.  Currently, the company has installed 61 charging station in 4 states and additionally in Vancouver, Canada.

Source:  Business Wire