The law suit filed by Martin Eberhard against Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has revealed many interesting accusations.  For one, Eberhard claims he was to receive the first Tesla Roadster to run off of the assembly.  But Eberhard did not get number 1, in fact not even number 2.

Eberhard, co-founder of Tesla, had to settle for car his Roadster some six months later than expected.  Who did the other early Roadsters go to?  According to the suit, Elon Musk sold car number 2 to a friend in February 2008.  Car number 3 had to undergo rigorous endurance testing, and was nearly totaled several months later.

Eberhard would have to wait several months until he got his Roadster on July 19 of 2008.  If Eberhard's accusations are true, the Tesla co-founder did not get his own Tesla until nearly 6 months after a close friend of Musk received his.

The lawsuit may get very interesting as more information is revealed.  Tesla denies many of accusations and is in the process of filing their own counter lawsuit against Eberhard.

If there's a grain of truth, the company's co-founder waited months to receive a vehicle, and it was not even the one he was promised.

Stay with us as this story progresses.

Source:  Detroit Free Press Print Edition