The federal General Services Administration bought additional fuel efficient vehicles from the Big Three.  The purchase of $210 million worth of fuel efficient vehicles brings the total to $287 million spent by the federal government on vehicle purchases from the Big Three.

The additional 14,105 vehicles were purchased on June 1st and completes the governments order of over 17,000 vehicles.  This purchase focused on fuel efficient trucks and SUVs that will see government duty.  Previously, the government had purchased 3,100 hybrid vehicles from GM and Ford in April to update various government duty vehicles.  Chrysler was excluded because they lacked a suitable, retail hybrid model.

Additionally, the GSA has set aside another $15 million for a yet to be determined amount of electric buses and vehicles to be purchased in September.

The purchase of all of the domestic vehicles by the federal government is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, an economic stimulus program that allows the government to spend money in an attempt to kick start the economy.

Source:  Edmunds