Motoczysz, a struggling American motorcycle maker, will indeed have their electric bike ready in time for the TTXGP race at the Isle of Man kicking off today.

The race, as we reported about previously here World's First Zero Emission Motorcycle Race Held at Historic Isle of Man, will be a sanctioned event for electric motorcycles only.  Many makes have stepped forward with their entrees and now Motoczysz has announced that their electric bike the E1pc will be ready for the historic race.

The E1pc shares much of its design with the C1 made by the same company.  That bike, designed by company owner Michael Czysz, never saw the light of day on a race track.  It was more a prototype than production feasible and the company lacks finances to put it into production.

The E1pc will see duty on the track as it will battle with other electric bikes at the TTXGP race. 

The bike is powered by three electric motors and a battery pack that consists of 10 modules that are design to be swappable if needed.

Company owner Czysz was pumped up for the event stating, "I leave to go to the biggest race of my life, not because it is the largest, not because it is the fastest but because it will be the first time a MotoCzysz motorcycle will compete in and FIM sanctioned event.

To learn more about the world's first zero emissions motorcycle race click here TTXGP.

Source:  Motoczysz